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Legal Services:

1. Drafting of Vendor Agreement.

2. Drafting of Partnership Agreement. 

3. Drafting of Shareholders and Share Subscription Agreement. 

4. Drafting of Founders' Agreement.

5. Drafting of Employment Agreement. 

6. Drafting of Commercial Agreement. 

7. Drafting of POSH Policy, Privacy Policy, Risk Management & Compliance Policy. 

"Data Room Creation" Services:

When one thinks of raising funds through investors, it should be ready for due diligence. In my service under data room creation, I ensure that the company is ready for it. Following are the services provided under "Data Room Creation":

1. Collating all the Secretarial Documents. 

2. Collating all the material contracts and agreements. 

3. Collating documents related to company specific labour laws. 

4. Collating data protection, Insurance, and IP related documents. 

5. Preparation of tracker for ready reference. 

6. Sharing Data through Google Drive. 

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