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Phone Consultation:

If you have any queries specifically related to your company with regard to FEMA Laws, Company Laws, SEBI Laws, Due Diligence and need a view on the same, you can book my phone consultation services. 

Once you sign up for this you are required to make the payment of INR 1,000/- for 30 mins which shall be payable in advance. (Non-Refundable) 

In case you wish to book my phone consultation, you are requested to write an email to me  at with your specific queries that you wish to discuss over the call so that we both have the topics before us to discuss. I shall provide you with the banking details for making the payment upon receipt of your email. 

Note: If you enhance my services and take up my other services after the phone consultation, the amount paid as consultancy shall be reduced to that extent at the time of invoicing. 

If you have any feedback or queries related to my articles then do write to me at

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